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    This museum is a shrine to Apple’s greatest designs


    Apple doesn’t have a museum dedicated to its storied product history, but that hasn’t stopped a private collector from establishing one in the capital city of the Czech Republic. The Prague museum, which opened last week, contains the biggest private collection of Apple products and company artifacts, according to its website, although the donor’s name remains a secret. Entry costs €11 (about $12), and you can even dine at an on-site raw vegan bistro dedicated to founder Steve Jobs’ infamously strict dietary habits.

    The product list appears exhaustive. Not only does the collection include nearly every Apple computer, iPod, and iPhone, but there are also rarities like an Apple Lisa — one of only 100,000 units ever made — and a handful of Jobs’ business cards from his time at NeXT and Pixar.

    Check out these pictures of the awesome new Apple museum in Prague

    A new museum in Prague is touting the largest private collection of Apple products and memorabilia in the world, and it officially opened this week.


    The Apple Museum touts a number of exhibits, including an Apple Lisa, the first Macintosh, yearbooks from the studies of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, every model of the iPod/iPhone ever released and more.

    Reddit user eirunning85 shared pictures of his visit to the museum, which has the most impressive collection I’ve ever seen, even extending to one of every Apple accessory that hit the market, including printers.

    According to the museum’s website, all proceeds are donated to “charity purposes” and the exhibition has never been on display before now.

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